Spirit, Self, and Dreaming the Deep

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Oona McOuat

"A little piece of dreamtime" Tim Carroll, FolkWords



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Oona McOuat: Honey and Holy Water

"Sublime. If this can't make you glad to be alive, well... listen to it again."

- Michael McKinley, Harp Bell Media



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Oona Celtic Harp: B.C.: Salt Spring  Island:

Oona McOuat, Salt Spring Island, (Salt Spring) the Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada - creates magical music and enchanted stories on her Celtic harp. Oona is a singer songwriter and performer extraordinaire and is available to play at weddings, festivals and concerts. Oona is also a gifted voice and harp teacher, sound healer and the creator of Vancouver Island, British Columbia's unique Fairy (Faerie) and Mermaid camps.











What do Benjamin Franklin, Marie Antoinette, Homer, King Richard the Lion Hearted, and singer songwriter, storyteller, sound healer, performer, and harp and voice teacher Oona McOuat of Salt Spring (Saltspring) Island, British Columbia (BC), Canada, all have in common? They all play the harp. Long renowned for its magical mystery and sound healing powers, for thousands of years the harp has formed a bridge between this world and the next. The harp is the instrument of choice of angels and mermaids. Although it is a symbol of Celtic culture, the lore of all cultures heralds the harp as an instrument of power and possibility, healing and hope. In Christianity and paganism, at weddings or in fairy camps and circles, from Vancouver to Victoria and across North America and the world, the music of the harp touches and transforms. Part Celtic Goddess, part siren, part seer, Oona McOuat is played in rotation on SKY.fm Radio with other New Age female vocal artists like Loreena McKennitt, Maire Brennan, Secret Garden, Moya Brennan, Enigma, Enya, Clannad, Llewellyn and Juliana and Joanne Shenandoah.

Sweetness Lives Here - Have a Listen!